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Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Games > Check out our line of awesome tabletop games based on the Japanese anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal!

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Warband: Against the Darkness

Warband: Against the Darkness > Control the warband armies of one of the great fantasy races of the Five Realms as you battle The Darkness.

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Upon a Fable

Upon a Fable > Explore magical stories as you strive to become the grand ruler in this strategy board game with a family-friendly fairy tale theme.

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Worker Placement

Worker Placement > Earn cash, gain reputation, and grow your start-up temp employment agency in this light-hearted strategy board game.

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  • Appearances

    Next up: Dyskami will be hosting a Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge tournament in Guelph, Ontario at The Boardroom game cafe on April 29, 2017 to celebrate International Tabletop Day!
  • Boardgame Geek

    Dyskami maintains an active presence on -- the ultimate internet resource for all things related to tabletop games. Be sure to visit our company and game pages.
  • Submissions

    Do you have a completed game that would be an ideal addition to our current offerings? Are you an experienced designer eager to work on a Sailor Moon Crystal game? Drop us a line below!
  • The Boardroom

    Dyskami's founder, Mark MacKinnon, is also one of the owners of Guelph's destination board game cafe, The Boardroom. It's a great place to play, buy, and even playtest Dyskami's games!