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A Strategy Game For 2-5 Players

Design by Micah Fuller • Graphic Design by Jeff Mackintosh

Illustrations by Joseph Shawcross • Cartography by Robert Altbauer

Since the dawn of their civilisations, the great races of the Five Realms of Kholdrum, Shenaru, Ela’Vethera, Lorendale, and Zhoni have been engaged in complex relations with each other – allying and arguing, merging and dividing, loving and hating – as they each schemed and plotted to gain the upper hand over the others.

Then the Darkness came. An army of unspeakable horrors of an ancient and forgotten race of infernal creatures awoke deep within the earth and marched across the lands. The Darkness ravished the Five Realms with death and destruction and nearly brought the continent to its knees. Faced with a desperate fight for their very survival, the great races put aside their differences and united into a warband of such magnitude and strength as had never been seen before. The world trembled.

Though their great loss of life on the battlefield was nearly insurmountable, the warband’s sheer size eventually overpowered the armies of Darkness and largely drove them back beneath the earth. Sorcerers and shamans and magi of the great races invoked binding blood magic to start sealing the enemy away for an eternity. In the final days of battle to determine the fate of the lands, the hordes of Darkness and the great warband clash on four remaining battle fronts that are each located near a border landmark that separate the kingdoms of the Five Realms.

The last four campaigns wage on. The end is near.
May the Maker protect us all....


Game Board

Warband: Against the Darkness Game Details

As a player in Warband: Against the Darkness, you control the warband armies of one of the great fantasy races of the Five Realms. Although the great races are currently working together in mutual defence, old habits and rivalries are hard to break and this isn't in any way a co-operative game. It’s important that your kind emerges victorious from the war with more battle prestige and honour than your temporary and untrustworthy comrades. The player who collects the most Victory Points of one-upmanship for their race by the conclusion of the final battle against the Darkness – gained by advancing your soldiers in the collective warband, earning gold for your army captains, reconnoitring the combat fronts with your scouts, and defeating enemies on the battlefields – has achieved the greatest leadership glory and is declared the winner.

Warband: Against the Darkness is balanced in the design space between Euro and Ameri-style gameplay, combining strategic depth with an evocative fantasy theme and tense player conflict.

Core Board Game Contents:

This core board game includes everything needed to play:

  1. A two-part game board

  2. 74 game cards (24 Enemy cards, 20 Intel cards, 30 Redress cards)

  3. 106 wooden unit cubes (20 of each colour, plus 6 mercenary units)

  4. 38 wooden captain meeples (7 of each colour, plus 3 mercenary units)

  5. 10 player race boards (as pictured above)

  6. 5 race action track boards

  7. 5 player aid boards

  8. Dozens of cardboard coins in 1, 3, and 5 denominations

  9. Pencil and score pad

Emerging Races Expansion Contents:

  1. 10 new player race boards (as pictured above)

  2. Player order tokens

  3. extra cardboard coins

Expansion Races

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Map of the Five Realms

Where armies of The Darkness are met in combat and scouts recon the battlefields.

Warband Roster

Where platoon units advanced through the ranks to gain captaincy and battle honour.

Player Race Options

Sample Game Cards

Warband: Against the Darkness Reviews

Before we launched our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Warband, we asked many trusted reviewers to give their thoughts on the game so we could share them with you. The feedback has been outstanding! Watch the videos and visit the links below:

Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower:

Awarded the Dice Tower
Seal of Approval!

“…I was incredibly impressed with how Warband plays.”

“…the game has such interesting interplay…”

“I don’t really know what to compare this to…it’s just a breath of fresh air.”

“This is a very fine game. I recommend it!”

Rahdo Runs Through:

"There are literally three or four games going on at once in this game."

"... the ways [to score points] here are tightly intertwined with each other."

"We were just taken aback by it’s cleverness and unexpectedness while we were playing."

"… clever … fast … snappy … a sharp, sharp game."

GeekDad [LINK]:

“I’ve played a couple games of Warband, and I really enjoy it.”

“... it’s actually a very clever Euro-style game with interesting choices to make on every turn.”

“Many games claim there are multiple paths to victory, but Warband actually pulls it off.”

Polyhedron Collider [LINK]:

“Warband tricks you; it starts you off thinking you’re playing a thematic co-operative battle game, it then leads you down a road of cube laying Euro-ness...”

“There are a lot of races to choose from so you’re going to get plenty of variety out of Warband ...”

"It follows the well written and methodical systems that Dyskami have become known for ..."

Father Geek [LINK]:

"Finally! A Euro-style fantasy game that I can teach and play with my kids!" (comment from a Parent Geek)

"It played quickly, gave us something to talk about, something to think about, and something to cheer about."

“... the artwork by Robert Altbauer and Joseph Shawcross is simply fantastic.”

Gaming Bits [LINK]:

"I’m really impressed with how much the theme was integrated into the components and how awesome they all look.”

“The rules are straight forward and easily transition through an actual round of play beautifully.”

“There’s a lot of strategy, player interaction and fun to be had with this game.”

“It’s as good or better than anything out there right now ... This is definitely a new classic that everyone should own.”

Blog Critics [LINK]:

“Warband from Dyskami Publishing is a game not quite like any other.”

“Unlike in other fantasy games where battles are nail-biting affairs of rolling dice and hoping for the best, in Warband the Fight action is a clear and logical progression.”

“Players who love intense mind games will become fast fans of Warband...”

Game Demonstration Video

The following 6-minute video provides a brief overview demonstration of Warband: Against the Darkness, walking you though the game components and actions in the game. Check out the rulebook PDF and game reviews above for more details.

Photos of Warband Game Contents

Below are photos of a copy of Warband: Against the Darkness and the Warband: Emerging Races expansion. The game is simply stunning (as the photos below show) and is now available.

Photo contents:

  1. Everything included in the Warband: Against the Darkness game

  2. Core game front cover

  3. Core game back cover

  4. Open rulebook 2-page spread

  5. Rulebook cover

  6. Solo/Team/Co-op promotional exclusive (not shipping with the retail version of the game)

  7. Game board, showing Five Realms map and warband roster

  8. 10 race board punchboards

  9. Coins, player aids, and player action track punchboards

  10. Back design for punchboards

  11. Demonstrating how the race boards and action tracks fit together

  12. 74 game cards (24 Enemy, 20 Intel, 30 Redress)

  13. Warband and Emerging Races expansion side-by-side

  14. Emerging Races back cover

  15. 10 new race board punchboards in Emerging Races

  16. Expansion punchboards showing back design and player order tokens



“I’ve been having difficulty finding new [mid-weight strategy Euros] that have really intrigue me lately. This is definitely one of those that I’ve really enjoyed.”

“It plays 2-5 players. At each of those numbers it plays really, really well.”

“I really dig it … It’s something you should definitely check out.”

NVS Gameplays:

“I quite, quite enjoyed playing Warband: Against the Darkness…There is a charm about this game that drew me in.”

“I can’t find anything about this game that I didn’t like.”

“This has to be one of the best rule books that I have ever read…[Dyskami Publishing] did an absolutely amazing job.”

Bower’s Game Corner:

“Overall, Warband: I liked it.”

“I really enjoyed it with two players … it goes super quick.”

“I also like the variable special abilities. I think that adds a nice little touch to it.”

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Warband: Against the Darkness

Core Board Game


Warband: Emerging Races

Expansion Pack

Warband: Emerging Races
Expansion Pack
Warband: Against the Darkness
Core Board Game

How Lou Sees It:

“... it works well ... there are so many different things you need to look at and that you score with.”

“... the possibilities are so great with this game.”

“Lots of variety ... it’s very well done.”