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The Temp Agency Strategy Board Game

Design by Mark MacKinnon • Graphic Design and Illustrators by Steve Mills

Welcome to The City. A recent economic downturn has shifted the employment landscape from steady full-time occupations to short-term, part-time, and contract work. With so many skilled workers searching for a decent job ... actually, any job ... a new opportunity lies in your path. You have recently opened a new temporary employment agency to help place struggling workers in contract jobs. Find workers, upgrade their skills, and send them to the job centre to fill the open positions. When they find a job and get paid, you get your cut too. Sounds easy in this economy, right?

Unfortunately, you’re not the only entrepreneur in The City to have the exact same idea! It’s a competitive race for both money and reputation as you manoeuvre your workers to the front of the employment line to claim the best jobs. Unless they find work, you don’t get paid.

Will you dominate The City’s temp agency scene, or join the ranks of the underemployed?

Worker Placement Game Details

Worker Placement is an easy-to-learn strategy board game of earning cash and gaining reputation. In the game, you assume the role of a temporary employment agency CEO who is trying to build your start-up business into a thriving operation. The path to success seems simple enough: hire unemployed temp workers, help them upgrade their skills, and find them the best short-term jobs so your company can get paid its cut. Competition with other temp agencies is fierce, though, so establishing a solid reputation as a reliable and dependable agency can bump your workers towards the front of the employment line for first pick of the premium jobs.

Worker Placement plays in about 45 minutes and is suitable for 2-5 players, ages 10+. With a variety of engaging play mechanics – including card drafting, hand management, bidding, set collecting, and of course worker placement – playful illustrations with accompanying flavour text, and simple rules that take only minutes to learn, running a successful temp agency business has never been this much fun!

Game Contents:

This core board game includes everything needed to play:

  1. The City game board

  2. 110 game cards (Workers, Skills, Management, Jobs, Player Order)

  3. 48 wooden skill cubes (12 each of Clerical, Labour, Tech, Life)

  4. 25 wooden player token sets (3 meeple workers, plus a Cash and Thumbs token for each player)

  5. a time-tracking wooden hourglass token

Worker Placement Reviews

Before we introduced our Worker Placement game to the world, we asked many trusted reviewers to give their thoughts on the game so we could share them with you. The results are the feedback has been outstanding!

Rahdo Runs Through:

"This is the ultimate gateway game ... and a light gamer’s game as well."

"...plays as smooth and as fast and as clean as Lords of Waterdeep."

"Very, very entertaining ... very, very tense ... but really simple!"

"Rock solid. Super-duper tight."


“This is a game I can definitely say that I’ve enjoyed every single time I’ve played it...”

“It allows me to turn the TV off, turn off my iPod, turn off everything else, and I can just sit down and I can interact with the people that I love. And that’s what this game does for me. That’s why I really, really like this game.”

“Every hardcore gamer needs to have a game like this on their shelf…”

Indie Cardboard [LINK]:

“Worker Placement is a light, incredibly entertaining and spectacularly clever game that is easy to recommend for novice and seasoned players alike.”

“...a charming introductory course in worker placement games that trades complications for fun.”

Dad’s Gaming Addiction [LINK]:

“Worker Placement practically screams potential and turned out to be more than the sum of its parts.”

“Worker Placement is definitely one of the better worker placement games I’ve played this year...”

How Lou Sees It [LINK]:

“The theme and game mechanics work well and the jobs and job descriptions will make you smile or laugh out loud.”

“...a fun, entertaining game, for a nice range of ages and game interests.”

Noobsource [LINK]:

“I was impressed by the artwork and dialogue on the cards; the humour being very much in line with The Office and Dilbert.”

“If you're looking for a primer on the worker placement genre ... [it's] a great place to begin.”

“ you just a taste of what to expect from the genre without feeling overwhelmed by the complexity..."

Polyhedron Collider [LINK]:

“...a perfect introduction to the genre, suitable for a wide range of skill levels and ages.”

“It's a solid game with easy to learn mechanics...”

"...not everyone needs a beard strokingly complex economic engine in their game."

Big Game Productions [LINK]:

“...I was really impressed by the look and feel of the game.”

“...something that was easily grasped by my 10 and 12 year old children...”

"4 out of 5 stars!"

Father Geek [LINK]:

Gamer Geek, Parent Geek, and Child Geek approved!

"...a very well designed and well positioned game suitable for almost anyone."

"...a great game to introduce to new players as a 'gateway game'."

“..the game play is tight and well thought out. This is a solid game."

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